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Ending and Beginning

2020 has come to an end and the new year has begun. Although 2020 was not a year I'd want to repeat, it did have some high points. The most special was the birth of my second grandson! Additionally, all the time spent at home gave me lots of time to create.

My last piece of the year is this mixed-media collage, Uptown/Downtown. It's another in a series of abstract, stylized cityscapes that I've created over the years.

I began 2021 with a pastel painting that I've had in my head for several years. This piece is titled, Midwestern Sky. In the many drives I've taken between St. Louis and Ohio (where my husband is from), I've found myself drawn in by large expanses of sky, often filled with many cumulus clouds. Much of the journey passes through flat areas of farmland beneath such an impressive sky. Although this painting doesn't picture an actual location, I've tried to capture the grandeur of a bright blue sky filled with massive, white clouds.

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