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Message Received

Seed Pods

May 25, 2019

After 32 years of teaching art my retirement has begun. The next step is to get my studio space organized so I can start creating again. Looking forward to this new chapter in my life!


April 25, 2019

I recently completed this mixed-media collage, Windows on the World. This piece is a bit of a departure from my usual collage pieces. Here I've borrowed some of the techniques used by mixed-media collage artist, Laura Lein-Svencner. I applied acrylic paint with rollers, stamps and brushes. This was a fun, but challenging, piece, and I'm pleased with the results. I know I'll be experimenting with some of these techniques again.

March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Maybe it's the luck of the Irish, but I made another sale today. This time it was Terra Nova, another older piece. I don't know if it was coincidental, but before I took them to the gallery, the two pieces that just sold had been paired together as part of the decor of one of the bedrooms in my house. Both pieces are the same size and had the same frame. Although the compositions of each piece differed, I always felt that they worked well together. I guess it's fitting that they both sold within a few days of each other. 

March 16, 2019

I stopped into Green Door Art Gallery today to drop off some items and found out that my mixed-media collage piece, Golden Moment, sold yesterday. This is an older piece that hadn't been in the gallery for quite some time. I'm always so pleased when one of my pieces speaks to someone in such a way that he/she feels compelled to bring that piece into one's home. Thank you, thank you!

February 9, 2019

golden moment12.jpg

Below are image of my two most recent collages. Both are in the square format that I've visited repeatedly. Stems & Stones is a 6" x 6" collage on canvas and features some of my hand-printed paper. 

Message Received was created on an 8" square wooden cradle board. This is a new substrate for me, and one that I'll certainly try again. This piece also includes some of my hand-printed paper. 


Stems & Stones

January 20, 2019


I managed to complete two new pastels for, Purely Pastel, the annual Member Exhibit of the Gateway Pastel Artists. Both are architectural compositions (a favorite theme of mine).

Both feature the tight arrangement of buildings that is often found in city settings. I lived in the city of St. Louis for almost 40 years and came to appreciate the architectural structures and the unique character of different neighborhoods. 

City Street

City Street

In Ambiguity, the structures are more simplified and edges bleed into each other, giving a sense of transparency.


November 18, 2018

After many busy weeks with work and family commitments, I've finally completed some new collages. 


Signs of the Season

Signs of the Season is a bit of a departure from my usual style and materials. I used mulberry paper in this piece and I'm very happy with the results. I plan to create some additional pieces in this style. It was fun to experiment with something out of the ordinary for me.

Seed Pods features embossed papers that I dissect for both textures and images. These elements are reassembled into my own collage composition. I've returned to the white on white technique that I used in two of my earlier collages, Whispers in White, and Double Vision


In Transit, I've once again worked in the square format, grouping 3 distinct, but related designs. 


October 23, 2018


A new batch of magnets recently out of the kiln! Still more to be glazed.

The six magnets on the right already sold as a Christmas gift.

It's never too early to start your holiday shopping!

It's nice to have a quick turn-around! Thanks Kay!


September 9, 2018

Working at the gallery today. It's been a very slow day but it's given me a chance to rehang my wall. It now includes my two newest collages, Passages and New Leaf. The latter features one of the monoprints that I created with a Gelli Plate. I've been having fun experimenting with this new technique. I plan to incorporate more of my monoprints into later pieces.


August 28, 2018

Summer passed too quickly and another school year has begun. I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped, (the story of my life) but I did make some strides toward getting my home studio space organized. I also constructed more ceramic magnets and had fun creating some Gelli Plate prints. I'm still in the experimental phase with this process but it's lots of fun!

Today I completed my latest collage, Passages. This pieces features a limited color palette that I wasn't quite sure about initially, but I find that I quite like it. My children would chide me for the use of too many "earth tones". 


July 23, 2018

A quick turn around on my collage, Serenity. I posted the piece on Facebook last Thursday and sold it today. Thanks to my dear friend, Mary! I think this is the 4th piece of mine that she's purchased. So glad she's a fan of my work.

July 19, 2018



Finally! I spent the last three days working in my studio completing new collages. It's been a busy summer with home projects, vacation, and family visitors. It felt great to have time to get creative and productive! 

The results are three 10" square collages that were originally created for a grant proposal. I didn't receive the grant, so I made some changes to the original designs. As is probably evident, one of the grant requirements was to use a single color as a dominant focus of each design. Altering the overall design of each piece was a bit of a challenge, as I had to work with some 3-D elements in place, but I'm pleased with the finished pieces. 

Three Sisters



July 12, 2018

After a critique on this piece at one of the Gateway Pastel Artists meeting, I made some suggested changes to this painting. I softened the hills in the background to push them further into the distance and made some changes to the trees in the middle ground. Art, like life, is a constant learning experience!

This piece is now hanging at the Green Door Art Gallery as part of the Water, Water, Everywhere exhibition that begins tomorrow.

Blue River


16" x 20" framed


June 2, 2018

One of my favorite pieces, Indigo Vine, is now hanging in the kitchen of my friend Connie's home. She has long admired the piece and I'm so happy that she was finally able to purchase it. It's always a good feeling to know that one of my pieces is so much appreciated. Thanks, Connie!

School is out for the summer and I hope to get busy creating again. The end of the school year is always such so busy, so I'm looking forward to spending some quality time creating artwork. I'm in the process of organizing my studio space, then the fun begins...! 

April 29, 2018

I love being part of the gift of art. For my friend Diane's birthday, several of us chipped in to make her the new owner of my collage, Fleur-ish

So glad you like the piece, Diane!

March 19, 2018

I'm pleased to say that my collage, Path of Least Resistance, sold about a week ago. The couple who now own it were at Green Door Gallery's reception on Friday and told me that the wife had bought it for her husband's birthday gift. So happy to have one of my pieces be part of this happy occasion.

They also purchased my piece, Row by Row, about a year ago.  Thanks for your support!

Row by Row

Path of Least Resistance

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day! 

In the last few days I've completed 2 new collages. I've been having fun playing with  small squares and divided compositions. As with all of my collages, I began with a sketch of the basic composition. With both of these pieces, as I began choosing the paper I would use and making slight adjustments to the original compositions, the pieces seemed to take on lives of their own. In particular, I began with a slightly different vision for Homeward Bound, but as the piece developed, it seemed to take me in a new direction. This is what I love about the creative process!  I'm pleased with the results of both pieces.

Writings on the Wall

Mixed-media Collage

14" x 14" framed


Homeward Bound

Mixed-media Collage

12" x 15.5" framed


February 13, 2018

At our February Gateway Pastel Artists meeting, Missouri Plein Air painter, Billyo O'Donnell, spoke about our entries in the GPA Members Exhibition that is currently on display at the Green Door Art Gallery. 

Billyo had selected the award winners for the show, so had already spent time looking at each piece. His critique and comments were very insightful, drawing upon his many years of experience as a working artist. He offered some helpful suggestions for improving my entry, Blue River. I plan to take his advice and rework some areas of the painting once the exhibition is over. 

February 4, 2018

Had a great time at the Monoprinting with Gel Plate workshop given by fellow Green Door Art Gallery Artist, Mary Martin. Learned various techniques using layering and stencils. I hope to use some of my printed paper in future collages. 

The workshop was even more fun because I was joined by two of my sisters!

January 21, 2018

I did manage to complete a pastel landscape for the Gateway Pastel Artists Membership Show. I had hoped to have two entries, but time got away from me. Things have settled down a bit and I'm starting to feel my creative juices flowing. I have a collage in progress and some ideas for some new pastels. Off to a good start for the new year!

Blue River

Pastel Painting

20" x 16" framed


December 28, 2017

The last several weeks have been busy, busy! I was finishing up the semester at school, getting ready for Christmas, and, at one time, had work in 5 different galleries and exhibitions, 

It seems that my making changes to my collage, Night on the Town, paid off. (See the post below.) I sold the piece to a former co-workers at the Teaching and Creating Exhibit at the University of Missouri St. Louis Fine Arts Gallery.

Now that things are winding down, I need to get busy creating. The Gateway Pastel Artists annual exhibition is coming up in January and I need to finish one piece and start another for my entries. 

November 14, 2017

My latest collage, Exploration, will be exhibited at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO as part of the Young Artists and Their Teachers Exhibition. 

This exhibition begins on Sunday, November 19, with an opening reception from 12-2 pm, and runs through December 10, 2017.  Nine of my students will also have work in the show.  We have some very strong pieces from some of my very talented students in this year's exhibit. 


Mixed-media Collage

12" x 12" framed


November 8, 2017

I made some changes to this collage. After completing it, and living with it for a while, I always felt that it needed something else. I added some painted edges and embellishments, as well a few new collage pieces, and I'm much happier with the piece.

Night on the Town

Mixed-media Collage

16" x 20" framed


October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!

Just finished framing my latest collage, Petroglyphs. This piece was created for the upcoming Symbolic exhibition at Art St. Louis. Still waiting to hear if it was accepted. 

I had fun with this piece! Some elements were stenciled or stamped with acrylic paint. 


Mixed-media Collage

14" x 18" framed


October 25, 2017

Busy, busy, busy! With work, weddings, and several upcoming exhibitions, it's been a crazy time of year. 

I will have 5 pieces in the upcoming ManyMini Extravartganza at the OA Gallery in Kirkwood, MO. It's their 3rd Annual show, and my first time as a participant. The Opening Reception is Friday, November 3, 2017 from 6-9 pm, and runs through January 6, 2018. I'm pretty excited about this opportunity! For a preview of the small works, visit the OA's online gallery.

Soulard Art Gallery is celebrating 10 years of being part of St Louis and Soulard Art History. As part of the celebration a “Reunion Show” will be on display from November 10-17, 2017 featuring a number of former artists who contributed to the gallery as resident artists over those ten years.

As a former resident artist of the gallery, I will be part of that exhibition. It will be great to see old friends, meet new ones, and see some amazing artwork. Hope to see you at the opening on November 10, from 7-9 pm at the gallery located at 2028 S. 12th St. in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis. 

I will be participating in the Teaching & Creating: Artwork by the Advance Credit Program Art Educators. This exhibition is for high school art educators in the St. Louis area who teach ACP studio art courses for the University of Missouri St. Louis. The exhibition will be held at the Fine Arts Building Gallery on UMSL's campus. The opening is on November 16, 2017 from 5:30-7pm and runs through December 6, 2017.

Along with several of my students, I will be exhibiting a piece in the Young Artists and their Teachers Exhibition at the Boyle Family Gallery at Lindenwood University’s J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts. That exhibit opens on November 19, 2017, with a reception from 12-2 pm, and runs through December 10th. 

I'm also submitting work for the Those Who Teach Can Exhibition for Catholic  school Art teachers at the Good Shepherd Art Gallery in Ferguson, MO. That exhibit runs from November 25 - December 16, 2017. 

I've also submitted 3 pieces in the upcoming Symbolic Exhibit at Art St. Louis. The show is currently being juried so I'll have to wait until mid-November to find out if any of my pieces were accepted. 

October 16, 2017

I recently took on the challenge of completing a commissioned piece for a friend and co-worker. She was planning to give the piece to her niece as a wedding gift. I rarely work on commission, but my friend provided me with some basic ideas of what her niece might like and so I went about creating Shoreline

Keeping with the overall theme of a beach, I used the elements of color, shape and texture to create this collage composition to express my interpretation of a shoreline. 

Thanks for the challenge, Helen! 

September 21, 2017

After a summer that wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped, I completed two new collages and am working to finish a pastel painting. Say it With Flowers features stylized flowers in various shades of red on a multi-layered background covered with white tissue paper. The limited color palette and narrow arrangement of Path of Least Resistance  serve to unify the composition of the piece. 

Say it With Flowers

Mixed-media Collage

11" x 18" framed


Path of Least Resistance

Mixed-media Collage

7" x 20" framed


August 6, 2017

Three of my collages will be part of the Circles/Squares... Exhibition at Soulard Art Gallery. The Exhibit runs from August 18 - September 22, 2017 at the gallery located at 2028 S. 12th St. in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis. 

I look forward to the exhibition, which begins with an Opening Reception on Friday, August 18, 2017 from 7-9 pm. If you're in the area, please stop in.

Eye of the Moon

Mixed-media Collage

16" x 16" framed


July 2, 2017

Summer is passing far too quickly! I had planned to set aside time everyday to work on creating my artwork. So much for the best laid plans...

In the last few days I have been able to get back to working on making ceramic magnets and tiles for my collage pieces. I've enjoyed the process and experimenting with new designs. 

May 11, 2017

Two more of my pastel paintings are available as giclee prints. Visit my giclee page to view all images and prices.

May 4, 2017

Wow! It's been quite a while since I've posted anything. The winter was rough. I was sick for a while with the never-ending cold. March and April are very busy at school and I feel like I'm starting to get my head above water. I'm really anxious to start creating new pieces. 

I'm so pleased that my pastel painting, Magnolia, was selected as the image for the Green Door Art Gallery's latest newsletter.


The next show, "Florals and Botanicals", opens on Friday, May 12, with a reception from 5 to 9pm. 

February 27, 2017

It's time for me to get busy again. I've been battling a cold for weeks so I haven't been too productive. I began a small collage about 2 weeks ago and I'm still making decisions about how to finish the piece. I hope to complete it soon.

I went into the gallery on this weekend and found out that my collage, Row by Row, sold recently. Always nice when someone is drawn to one of my pieces. 

Row by Row

January 28, 2017

My newest collage, Burnished Spaces, is reminiscent of an earlier piece, Respite. The same color scheme, even some of the same papers and beads, were used. I had always liked the warmth and calm that I felt the piece evoked. This piece, expands on blocked spaces and warm tones of Respite, while adding more metallic beads and the leaf image as a focal point.


Burnished Spaces

January 21, 2017

Today I helped to hang the upcoming Poppin' Pastels Exhibit. The show features about 62 pieces by GPA members. I found out that my pastel, Magnolia (see below), received an Honorable Mention!

January 18, 2017

The upcoming Gateway Pastel Artists annual Member Exhibit, Poppin' Pastels, was the impetus for me to complete two new pastel paintings for the show. Lately, I've been working more on my collages so it was nice to get back into drawing.

Magnolia is another of my paintings in which a flower or flowers is the subject matter. I believe I took the source photo when visiting the botanical garden in Cologne, Germany. I ran across several photos of the magnolias on my laptop. I chose this particular photo because I liked the overall composition; the slightly off-center flower and the large leave leading the eye to that focal point. 

I've had the vision of this landscape in my head for some time. My husband and I vacationed in the National Parks of southern Utah a few years ago and I was taken with the vast terrain broken by the buttes and mesas of the area. 

Westward is a composite landscape, developed not from any single image, but from my impressions of the magnificent landscapes of the area. 

I'm pleased to say that this piece is executed in a much looser style than I traditionally employ. As I began the piece, I was initially dissatisfied with its progress. After stepping away for a day or so, I drew on the influence of Paul Cezanne, whose work I love. 

I'm very happy with the piece and hope to draw on my inner Cezanne in future works.

January 17, 2017

Today Clarkart was registered in the state of Missouri as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). 

Ten years ago, I began creating, exhibiting and selling my artwork on more consistent basis. Clarkart was born in 2015 and Clarkart-stl LLC is the next step in my journey.

December 5, 2016

I recently completed two new mixed-media collages, Eye of the Moon and In the Shadows.  For both pieces, I've chosen to work in the square format. 

Eye of the Moon

Mixed-media Collage

16" x 16" framed


In the Shadows

Mixed-media Collage

12" x 12" framed


November 13, 2016

My pastel painting, Stacked Up, which was part of the juried exhibit, Art St. Louis XXXII, the Exhibition, sold last night at the opening reception of the show. So pleased to be part of the exhibition and for my painting to have found a new home.

MaryJo Clark



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