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Getting Back Into It!

Updated: Jun 12

The last 2 months have been busy, just not so much with creating art. At the end of April my husband and I were out of town for a week watching our grandsons, and right before we left, our granddaughter was born, 6 weeks early! She is well, her parents (and grandparents) are over the moon, and my grandsons were a lot of fun! Now I'm back to creating art, and loving every minute of it!

After the Queeny Art Fair, I had to replenish my supply of magnets. I created a series of collage magnets from an old collage that I had cut up and a piece of tissue paper with line drawings of flowers. The magnets are about 1.5" square and sell for $6.00 each.

I also created several more of the original monoprint collage note cards that I've started making. I like combining the printed paper with collage elements. These are 5"x7" blank notecards that sell for $15.00 each. Each original card is signed, titled, and one-of-a-kind.

In mid-May I taught another sessions of my collage classes at Green Door Art Gallery. Some of the students had taken one, or both, or my classes previously, and I had some newcomers. I'm always impressed by the papers and collages that my students create. I also taught another art class at Crown Center Senior Living here in St. Louis. I had a great group of women who created stylized tree compositions.

At the end of May, I celebrated my birthday. At the party, my wonderful husband came up with the idea to use my collage, "Uptown/Downtown", as the inspiration for my birthday cake. A shout out to Celebrating Life Cake Boutique in St. Louis for their creation. I was blown away!

Today, I finished my latest collage, Find Meaning. For this piece I was exploring using typography as the focus of this composition. I love using text in many of my collages, but here it became the focal point of the piece. My interest was not in using type to create words or a message, but to focus on using the qualities of the letters; the shapes, spaces, and contrast, as elements of the composition. The collage is 12"x12" and is mounted on a cradle board. It sells for $175.

I'm glad to be creating again!

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