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A Successful Art Fair, and More

It was a busy, and exhausting weekend, but The Art Fair at Queeny Park was a success. The threat of bad weather cancelled the event on Friday evening, but Saturday and Sunday brought in lots of people. I had a great time seeing family and friends, meeting new people, and talking with the other exhibiting artists.

I sold 4 collages, a print, and quite a few notecards and magnets.

Prior to the art fair's opening, I completed a couple of new collages.

The first was my take on the lesson by Robyn McClendon from the Collage Maker's Summit. She focused on using vintage papers and a neutral palette. I didn't have much in the way of vintage papers, but I did use part of a page from an older book, and a page of handwriting that I printed from the Internet. I embellished the piece with some stamps printed with black ink.

The piece is called, At Ease. It's 6"x6" and mounted on a 10" square mat board.

For the second piece I used the technique that I learned from Rebecca Chapman of using high contrast black and white photos as part of the composition. I also used gel printed papers, and treated magazine pages. Paint and marker were used for additional embellishments. I really like working with my photos in these pieces.

This collage is titled, Garden Gate. It's 10"x10" and is mounted on a cradle board.

Next Saturday I will be teaching my second, Art of Mixed Media Collage class at Green Door Art Gallery. The first class was a lot of fun and I anticipate that this one will be as well. I'm also continuing to teach classes at Crown Center Senior Living. For my last class there, the students created contour drawings from photos and used watercolor to fill in the spaces. They did a great job! I created a sample piece for the class and ended up selling it to my friend, Kay. I called this piece, The Language of Flowers.

Lastly, I'm pleased to announce that my collage, Beyond, was accepted into Pushing Boundaries, the juried members exhibition of the Collage Artists of America. The piece will be on display at the Betsey Lueke Creative Arts Center in Burbank, CA from May 5-25, 2023. The collage is 18"x18" and is mounted on a cradle board.

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