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2023: Off to a Good Start!

My last collage of 2022 proved to be somewhat challenging, and took a number of different paths before arriving at the final composition.

The piece, titled, Woven Bands, is 18”x18”,and mounted on an cradle board. This is larger than I normally work, and that added to the challenge of this piece. I'm happy to say my hard work paid off

and that the piece has already sold!

My first collage of 2023 came about as a result of a comment made by a customer who purchased one of my magnets. She asked if I had a collage with a similar color scheme. At the time, I did not, but I thought that I might try creating such a piece.

This collage, Growth Among the Ruins, is the end result. I’m happy with how it turned out. I really like working with a neutral palette! The piece is mounted on a 10”x10” cradle board and sells for $150.

Yesterday, I taught my first collage class at Green Door Art Gallery! It was so much fun! A wonderful group of women joined me and each produced a beautiful and unique collage. Thank you, Kathy, Mary, Erica, Carol, Mara, Cynthia, Marina, Cat, and Elizabeth!

I plan to teach the class again later in the year. Stay tuned!

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