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Another Quarantine Collage

I finally completed this latest collage that I began as part of the Minimal Magic course that I began in March. This one went in several directions. I began with one background, didn't like it, and painted over it. I found a rectangular plastic block with holes in it, (It looks like something that would go with Legos.) and used it to stamp into the paint to create patterns. Next, I began building the composition from my collection of papers.

I always lay all of my paper elements out on the background, moving things around, discarding some pieces, adding others, until the composition emerges. Once I'm satisfied, I photograph the piece so that I can disassemble it in order to begin attaching the pieces from background to foreground. I use my photograph as a reference for the placement of each element.

I use matte medium as my adhesive. I coat the entire back of each piece and place it onto the background. Although matte medium isn't a traditional glue, when heat is applied to the piece, the medium "melts", securely attaching it to the background. Matte or gloss medium can also be used to coat the surface of a finished piece for a protective coating.

Each of my pieces of artwork is given a title. It's actually one of my favorite parts of creating a piece. Sometime, the title comes to me as I'm creating the piece; as it did with this piece, Moonrise. Other times I struggle with a title. I'll make a list of possible titles, rejecting some, but eventually settling on the title that I feel is the best fit for the piece. I've been known to refer to a thesaurus sometimes knowing what a piece expresses to me, but not always having the right word. For me, giving my artwork titles forces me to give each piece some additional consideration. In some cases the title can be somewhat literal, and in others, it might express an emotion or idea.

I'm glad that I didn't give up on this piece. I'm happy with finished product.

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