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Always Learning Something New

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

It's been a while since I posted anything, but I have been working in my studio. Last month I created another floating collage, some collage magnets and Christmas ornaments.

You Are Here is the second floating collage that I've created recently. I love the combination of using both torn and cut edges in a composition. I also added some stamped and stenciled designs, as well as rectangular beads for a bit of dimension.

Like most other artists, I am constantly inspired and informed by other artists. I recently created lots of painted collage papers following the lessons of collage and mixed media artist, Cat Rains', Collage Kickstart, online class. It was fun to step outside of my usual manner of working and, in the process, I learned some new techniques.

From those papers I created several 4" square collages, each with a unified color scheme.

Finally, using several of the collage square, I created a larger collage, which I titled, What Goes Around Comes Around. This piece is flush mounted to an 8" square cradled wood panel. In mounting this piece, I looked to another artist, Claude Larson. Her YouTube video gave precised directions for how she mounts her work. I took her advice, and it worked flawlessly. Thank you Cat and Claude!

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