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March on!

The month of March hasn't been particularly productive in terms of my art practice. After completing my collage piece, Where to Begin, which was the focus of my last post, I got involved in what I hope is my last quarantine home improvement project. The hallway needed to be painted, and now it's done!

I'm pleased to announce that in the last week, two of my earlier pieces, Horizon (top), and Seed Pods, have sold through Green Door Art Gallery where I've been a resident artist for several years.

When the lock down due to COVID-19 first started, the gallery had to close, but it's been open again for several months and I'm so pleased that people are visiting and continuing to support our visual artists. Thank you, thank you!

Now it's time for me to buckle down and get creating. My studio space needs to tidying up and then it's full steam ahead!

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