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A Lost Treasure Found!

It pays to do some organizing from time to time. In cleaning up my studio space I found this little treasure that I thought I'd lost.

Last year, before quarantine, I took a abstract pastel workshop with Debora Stewart. This piece, that I've entitled, Tempest, was from a series of small exercises that we did to practice different techniques. The piece was begun with loose strokes of black acrylic paint. Pastel was then applied over the dried paint using bold, quick strokes. The goal of the exercise was to use a light hand in applying the pastel, and to focus on composition in selecting colors and their placement on the paper.

If you're at all familiar with my work, you'll know that this is a big departure from my usual style, but I'm so pleased with the result. I love the loose style and the energy that I feel the piece conveys. I definitely need to try more of these exercises.

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